Ginestar - Ebro Lands

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Ginestar - Ebro Lands

The name comes from broom broom (shrub green twigs, leaves and small yellow flowers), plant abundant in the place. The town of broom comes from a Moorish farmhouse where, according to tradition, there was a broom, which was known from Mas de la Retama farmhouse consisting of a few houses grouped. The origin of the population is Christian restoration after, though tablets have been discovered within the term of the Visigoth period.

It was held by the Knights Templar, of which he received the charter in 1206. In suppressing the Knights Templar, the town came under the rule of the Hospitallers.

To cite, in 1408, passing through the town of King Martin of Aragon, who was in Tortosa. Also noteworthy stay in the village, in 1585, Philip II, when it was his second trip to Catalonia.

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Ginestar - Ebro Lands

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