La Serra d'Almos

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La Serra d'Almos

The small village of Serra d'Almos was formed around the Shrine of St. Dominic, which was later incorporated as a parish.
Previously several farm houses and existing references have around 1460 constituted the population, called as the Sierra Tartac贸, farms in the Sierra or Sierra.
Serra is next to the site of the neck of the Moor that was partially excavated in the forties to Salvador Vila-Seca. The finds are dated to the fourth century B.C. (ceramic and hand turn, sets ornamental bronze tools and other utensils of iron and silver) and are the Salvador Vilaseca Museum of Reus. The Roman road that went through the Tivissa Reus term coinciding with the road.
As added Tivissa belonged to William Castellvell after the Barony Entenza and others to the duchy of Medinacelli.
Several times trying segregation (1852.1927) that thrives. In 1936 the Parliament of Catalonia recognized as the municipality and serves as City Hall until 1939. In 1981 demanded the restoration of the Town Hall which was denied by the Supreme Court in March 2003.
On 22 February 2011 the Government adopted its constitution as decentralized municipal entity (EMD).

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