• Ebro Delta
    Culture and traditions

    Learn about the history and tradition of the Delta.
    Deltebre Departure to visit one of the most interesting and educational museums of the Natural Park of Delta del Ebro, the Eco-museum, where we see the different areas of the Delta, their cultural, historical, and traditions. ...


  • Ebro Delta
    Canyoning en the "Terres de l'Ebre"

    This activity consists of traversing riverbeds, jumping puddles and sliding down natural waterslides.
    Canyoning for beginners, very aquatic, easy and extraordinarily beautiful.
    Gullies for all levels.

  • Ebro Delta
    Benifallet - Ebro Lands

    Since ancient times, mountains and valleys Benifallet have known traces of man, with drops of over 900m with a particular morphology and colors Neolithic cave is the season of the Cave Culla. The group represents both pictorial and stylized human figures painted in black. In the cave ...

  • Ebro Delta
    Hotel Corona de Tortosa

    The Hotel Corona is located just in the crossroads between the nature reserve of Delta de l'Ebre and the nature reserve of the ports Tortosa-Beseit, in a unique combination of sea and montain where you and your family can enjoy and relax the environment.

    Main features ...


  • Ebro Delta
    L'Aldea - Ebro Lands

    L’Aldea is an ideal place to enjoy a unique landscape on the one hand we have the area dry for exploring the flora and Mediterranean crops, the other is for the delta area, where the only point of reference is the horizon. This landscape can be crossed on foot, calm, or cycling, ...

  • Ebro Delta
    Aldover - Ebro Lands

    The municipality has a set of singularities Aldover making it an ideal destination to relax and spend our holidays.

    It is a town that is mainly characterized by its tranquility, the familiarietat of the people, the kind that breathes remain near the Ports de Tortosa and ...

  • Ebro Delta
    Baix Ebre

    The Lower Ebro is a region of Catalonia. Bordered on the north by the Baix Camp, laRibera de Ebro and Terra Alta, east by the Mediterranean Sea, south to the region of Montsiā and west by the Terra Alta and Matarrana. Laprovincia belongs to Tarragona and is on the territory of the ...

  • Ebro Delta

    The site Vinebre as the other neighborhoods, was conquered by Ramon Berenguer IV, probably in 1149, given to the Templars suffered heavily Entenza struggle between the Templars and to the extent that the first, under the command of William Entenza, at the end of September 1284 completely ...

  • Ebro Delta
    Hotel Can Batiste

    Restaurant Hotel Can Batiste, remodelled in 2008, combines a pleasant décor with seafood cuisine. Vidal Garriga family has renovated its property to make your stay as pleasant as possible in the Ebro Delta.

    The hotel Can Batiste. Location and environment


  • Ebro Delta
    Sant Jaume d'Enveja - Ebro Lands

    St. James of Envy, envy a violent antiguamente the caller is in the region of unmunicipi Montsiá.
    the County of St. James of the Entity Envy incluye los Muntells decentralized municipal and part of the nuclear Ballad.
    Municipalities with limited them Amposta, west, and ...



In this section you will find different accommodations for overnight stay during your vacation, visit ... the Terres de l'Ebre.
We have chosen the best choice of the Terres de l'Ebre, its seclusion of all kinds.
Hotels, cottages, campsites, hotels, cottages, apartments and chalets at the best market prices, but with the full range of territory.


Activities | EbreOci

We propose a series of activities and adventure sports outdoors to enjoy a good day and the best tourism for the Ebro delta.

This is why you can enjoy the adventure sports that are practiced, such as climbing, hiking, fishing, sailing canoeing, archery, water skiing, scuba diving, mountain biking ....


Excursions | EbreOci

In this space and all those people who choose to get carried away, we have chosen for you different excursions and guided by the Ebro delta already established within a schedule, route, duration and price closed at one or more days.

Special trips for families, 4x4 for delivery, route boat bay swamp, trips by bicycle by Olles ...


Tickets | EbreOci

In this section you can manage your time and your guests for free, you will find various kinds of tickets by ebro boat cruises, museums, ecomuseums, caves, castles, parks and cultural entertainment, special events, etc.

Always ahead, planning your visit, with payment guaranteed comfort.


Services related to the world of cycling, from rental of bicycles and accessories with multiple exit points, to transport bikes and riders to make concerted routes.


Nautical | EbreOci

Special section dedicated to sports and nautical activities of the Ebro Lands and the Ebro Delta.
Inclusive all those sports conducted in Alfacs Bay (San Carlos de la Rapita) Fangar Bay (in l'Ampolla) Ebro river, lagoons of the Natural Park of the Ebro Delta, Lakes in the Ebro Lands.
Some find that there are: Boat trips for the Ebro Delta, Kayack the Ebro, fishing trips in l'Ampolla or San Carlos de la Rapita.

Real estate

In this section you will find information on flats, houses, chalets and estates in Terres de l'Ebre

Terres de l'Ebre

Terres de l'Ebre | EbreOci

The Lands of the Ebro are a tourist destination that has a stable and mild climate throughout the year. They are, without doubt, an ideal destination to discover and share with friends or family travel.

In the Ebro, find everything to seduce: its coastline, its rich heritage, culture and history, and landscapes of great natural beauty that lead to many outdoor activities, its Mediterranean cuisine, its wide range leisure, their areas of wine and rice tradition, but also the wide variety of ...

COVID-19 Alert

Given the current situation, the excursions will be carried out with your private vehicle whenever possible, following the guide's vehicle. During the stops to make explanations it will be essential to use masks and keep a safe distance.
The organization will make available to its customers, hydroalcoholic gel and masks if they do not have their own.
Due to restrictions and mobility, activities may be canceled.

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