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Hotel Parador de Tortosa

The Parador de Tortosa Hotel

More than two thousand years of history make up the heritage of Tortosa , a city declared a Historic-Artistic . Seated to the passage of the Ebro River and near the mouth and the top of the delta, Tortosa enjoys the climate and Mediterranean charm. The Parador , located in the stunning castle Suda , look at the city from above , in an environment that combines the monumental beauty with the attractions of the different natural settings around it . In the comfortable hotel you can enjoy seasonal pool, a dining area with Gothic windows , comfortable rooms and great views of the Ebro in its final stretch .

In Tortosa you will find a city with a special charm , the beautiful St. Mary's Cathedral , Jewish Quarter , the museum 's outdoor sculpture sculptor Santiago de Santiago , or the Castle of Mirabel are part of the beautiful spots offered. A route to walk or bike along the ramparts and fortifications , starting at the Parador and going through the Advanced San Juan , Plaza de la Inmaculada , Paseo de Ronda or the Tower of Celio is a great choice to discover Tortosa.
Its streets , historical and artistic heritage , the landscape that gives the valley of the Ebro, and its people , cuisine and festivals, make the city unique. If you approach Tortosa during the second half of July live Renaissance Party , in which thousands of vintage dresses citizens participate and daily shows can happen on the streets , transporting you to Tortosa five hundred years ago.
Registration number in the Registry of Tourism of Catalonia: HTE- 000542


In an environment where it joins the beauty of the monumental city attractive enclaves of different natural surrounding, enjoy succulent rice, eel suc, suquet and Garrofetas. The kitchen area cleverly combines ingredients from the garden, the Ebro delta, the mountain and the sea, and our pastry find flavors of Arab, Jewish and Christian.
Tortosa The most typical product is the rice grown in the Ebro Delta, and is one of the star products of our cuisine. The river and its valley, the mountains Montecaro, the old town and overlooking the terrace of the chapel are part of the environment that accompany your meal at the Parador.

Tourism near Parador de la Zuda

Know the environment

Jewish Quarter
Museum's outdoor sculpture sculptor Santiago de Santiago
Caves Benifallet
Castle Miravet
Wine Cooperative Pinell de Brai
Horta de San Joan
Visit Picasso Museum
Puerto de Tortosa (30 km)
Beceite port (30 km)
Delta del Ebro (40 km)
Port Aventura (40 minutes by the A-7)
Alcaniz (100 km)
Bike trails in the Ebro Delta

Local Festivals

Spring Fair
Late April, Tortosa
Renaissance festivals
local festivals
September Tortosa

Parador de Tortosa Services

  • heating, air conditioning, car park
  • swimming pool
  • internet WiFi
  • reception

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