Alcanar - Ebro Lands

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Alcanar - Ebro Lands

The origin of Alcanar could be placed on the Iberian era, as evidenced by the archaeological remains of the Iberian Moleta Remedy.
This town gets its name from the shape of the elevation carracter铆stica (mole) where, and its proximity to the shrine of Our Lady of Remedies. In the early sixties began archaeological work by the Institute of Prehistory and Archaeology of the Province of Barcelona. This site was being declared Historic-Artistic Monument in 1979
Since 1985 it has resumed the study of the performance of several continuous and excavations inclises within the research programs of the Institute of Prehistory and Archaeology of the Province of Barcelona. With regard to the remains found in the town include ceramic vairades, worked bone tools sets (needles, handles, knives ...) and metal (nails, knives, spearheads iron needles .. .).
But the origin of Alcanar definitely established as a settlement in its current term, dating back to the period of Muslim rule. A part of the reason that test the Arabic language Alcanar (the word "Al-Khanate" shops or merchants), we have conclusive evidence, as are the legacy of the clothing, the "silos" of nori . Thus the oldest reference Alcanar as a people, we recorded documents dating back to the ninth century, during the Muslim rule. Alcanar belonged to the Wali of Tortosa is the Game of Santiago Alcanar where more remains were discovered room Muslim.
The foundation and Alcanar population corresponding to the Christian era tear the thirteenth century, a time after the Reconquista.
The XV, XVI and XVII be disastrous for our population, due to incessant attacks by pirates. At that time the construction mounts the walls with towers (Tower New Street). In the eighteenth century, Alcanar suffered the disastrous effects of the War of Succession. Later in the nineteenth century, Alcanar actively participated in the War of Independence or the French War. Then it was affected by the Seven Years' War, which left him the sad consequence of banditry. And in the twentieth century, the Civil War and the years of the potsguerra scored again again.
The coast, always known by the name "The Holiday" rises along the coast, just 4 kms. Alcanar.
The age of this small seaside town runs parallel to Alcanar: fishermen lived here since ancient times.
Life in the Houses always be precarious and their importance is reduced to lend military component. Before the War of Independence was the center of the village, a tower of solid construction with three guns for coastal defense. The angelsos destroyed when the war against Napoleon.
In the second half of the nineteenth century, began an era of greater progress in the Houses. At that time the present church was built (1862).
Over the past 25 years, this population has experienced enormous growth and development, both urban and economically. Today, at the Houses of Alcanar nestled within the "Costa del Ebro" you can find many tourist establishments along with tranquil beaches, splendid sun and mild temperatures prevailed throughout the year, make this town the perfect place to spend a pleasant and unforgettable holiday.
The marina-fishing constutueix a further incentive to the many that already had this small village. In his yacht club can tie lots of boats, and given its proximity to the large Alfacs (largest natural harbor in Europe with its 150km2) sea fans can practice all kinds of sports Nautica.
Many are the attractions of this unique and picturesque villages, but two characterize the most: their traditional cuisine and tranquility of its beaches (12 km. Coastal approximately) that are awarded since 1992, year after year with quality diplomas from the water bath by Dep. Environment of the Government. In addition, Beach Houses flown since 1994 the European blue flag, the highest distinction that guarantees a beach model from the point of view of health and the environment.

Alcanar - Ebro Lands

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