Aldover - Ebro Lands

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Aldover - Ebro Lands

The municipality has a set of singularities Aldover making it an ideal destination to relax and spend our holidays.

It is a town that is mainly characterized by its tranquility, the familiarietat of the people, the kind that breathes remain near the Ports de Tortosa and having the only beach in the Lower Ebro River, as well as to enjoy the advantages of being only 5 minutes from the city of Tortosa. Crafts doverenca destquen work with artisans and Serj wicker, plants typical of riparian forest and ravines of Ebro. Also works predominantly craftsmen forge.

The main places to visit are:

• The Beach River: one in the Baix Ebre where we can practice sports such as swimming, sport fishing llissals, tench and catfish (can grow up to six meters) and kayaking among others.

• The Parish Church of the Nativity of Our Lady: ethyl neoclassical is located on the hill Tossal. There rstes the old ordeal.

• The place of the Pots: ravine located in the basin is eroded very rocky place where you can find year-round water reservoirs.

• The Iberian sites: situated in the valley of the Wolf and the basin with matching lace flint must add the iberian Tossal and Valletta. Roman period is the establishment of White House.

• The Greenway

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Aldover - Ebro Lands

COVID-19 Alert

Given the current situation, the excursions will be carried out with your private vehicle whenever possible, following the guide's vehicle. During the stops to make explanations it will be essential to use masks and keep a safe distance.
The organization will make available to its customers, hydroalcoholic gel and masks if they do not have their own.
Due to restrictions and mobility, activities may be canceled.

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