Amposta - Ebro Lands

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Amposta - Ebro Lands

In a terrace over the river, in the old town of Amposta, we probably have the Romans establish a surveillance point, since the name Amposta would derive from the Latin ab commissioning or amnion tax, which means 'commissioning over the river'.
Amposta is situated in a privileged natural environment, to banks of the River Ebro, to the doors of his Delta and franked by the Ports of Beceite and the sierra del Montsià, equidistant between Barcelona and Valencia. Your climatology is ideal both for the practice of sport, with a pleasant Mediterranean climate, especially during the soft winter months, as for sightseeing.
The Sports Tourism Destination Amposta can give teams and athletes a wide range of resources and professional services, complemented with some tourist attractions such as the Natural Park of the Ebro Delta, its endless beaches, the river Ebro, the obveservació of birds accompanied by its typical gastronomy particular.

Currently the economy of Amposta is located more diversified, the agricultural sector still exists, but the loss of the profitability and the mechanization of field have done reduce the number of persons employed. The Chamber Arrocera del Montsià is one of the largest cooperatives of Spain and the largest of Catalonia, is addition also one of the main companies of the city of Amposta.
The industry has come to occupy a more important place in the economy of Amposta. The traditional industry was the of the workshops of machinery, the paper industry and the food but in recent years these sectors have developed enormously and apart have appeared new industries as the the furniture, the Metal and construction.
The tertiary sector of Amaposta is highly developed, and the city is an important center of services not only for the Montsiā, but encompasses other populations outside the region. Amposta has the services of a regional capital and head of the judicial district, some delegations of the Government and other is commercial and has a growing tourism sector related to the Delta Nature Park and the coast.
El Puente pendant Amposta: One of the most characteristic features of the population, was built between 1915 and 1921. It was the second suspension bridge in the world made of reinforced concrete, and eventually held the world record foundations deeper (25 m) and lighting • lighting of the structure.
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Castillo of Amposta: was the most important structure of Amposta since its construction until its destruction during the Civil War Catalana against the king Juan II. After, served as several factories, and, currently, hosts the Library Comarcal Sebastià Juan Arbó.

Amposta - Ebro Lands

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