Asc贸 - Ebro Lands

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Asc贸 - Ebro Lands

The great variety of pottery (Campanian, cords, Iberian, Greek, metallic reflections Roman and Arabic) as well as worked flint and stone, is quite testimony.

Among the archaeological sites of Asco, Carmel Biarn茅s discovered and studied by Margarida generates, we can mention the nipples, where there was a settlement from the Bronze Age to the first Iron Age. Also Tossal of andisc or Wolf Pass (120m), on the right side there meander upstream of the villa. At the site there was a setting hallst谩ttica culture. Nearby, Castellons along the gorge of the Fishbowl are documented settlement was of great interest because it is one of the Ribera d'Ebre which has a broader chronological sequence (the first century BC to the fourth century AD) . Baked Teuler found an Iberian settlement which reached the Roman late. The coins found-Iberian emporitanas, Roman, Arab-proclaim their important trade, drawing waterway Ebro

The strategic configuration of its rocky mountains, carved into cliffs on the river gave the predominance of fluvial transport and was known as La Llave del Ebro before any maritime or inland invasion.
The year 714, the Arabs fell Musa and Taric downriver from Zaragoza to Tortosa occupying those territories, seized all the Ebro, and put King in the castle of Disgust, are the years that the people enjoy its splendor.
After the war, the black market became standard practice. In Disgust, no Civil Guard barracks, so here focused Aragon flour oil was exchanged for the surrounding villages. You could find everything. The train station was Asco and the auction market, the place of treatment.
From the seventies Asco again take center stage. They begin construction of the two groups of the nuclear. On July 29, 1972 laid the foundation stone for the construction of the bridge and was completed on November 22, 1974. The first group works were finished in 1981 and became operational in 1983. The second group had end in 1984 and was launched in 1985.

Today, much of the population living in Asco Nuclear Power works but is still cultivating the land, and products such as oil, wine, almonds from our site are of high quality and highly appreciated by visitors.

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Asc贸 - Ebro Lands

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