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Baix Ebre

The Lower Ebro is a region of Catalonia. Bordered on the north by the Baix Camp, laRibera de Ebro and Terra Alta, east by the Mediterranean Sea, south to the region of Montsi膩 and west by the Terra Alta and Matarrana. Laprovincia belongs to Tarragona and is on the territory of the Land of the Ebro was created in 1936 by the Government of Catalonia, eliminated by the Franco regime and restored in 1987. In 1990 the municipality of Santiago split of Envejaa the right hemidelta.
It has an area of 1,002.7 km 虏 and its population (2009) is of 81,724 inhabitants. The are 14 municipalities and its administrative capital is Tortosa.
Landscape features of this region are the lower reaches of the river Ebro and its hemidelta, the left and the mountains of Cardo-Boix, Cavalls and P脿ndols, and Ports-with Mont Caro (1,442 m), the peak demarcation higher.
The people of the interior of the region is characterized by its old town, within which still retains some of the architecture. Moreover, the villages on the seashore maintain a certain air inside the old sailor. And more recently established villages are found in deltaic territory.
The Baix Ebre is home to two national parks: Ports Natural Park and the Natural Park of the Ebro Delta, two sites of natural beauty, natural and animal.
The climate of the Lower Ebro is Mediterranean with maritime influence. The whole country is open to the sea. Despite the presence of the mountains of the Cordillera Prelitoral, safe leaving the plains, wind most characterizes the region is the mistral or serene, known to wind up, northwest. It is a dry wind can blow hard, so around some crops have been planted rows of cypress trees to protect crops. The early morning or wind down, southeastern, is moist and usually very intense. The lift, east or northeast, can blow violently and cause severe storms.
Rainfall is scarce, Summer is the least rainy season, especially in July, very hot and dry month. The maximum fall recorded in the months of September and October. It also tends to rain a lot in May, especially on the upper slopes of the Ports.

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Pobles de la comarca

Aldea, l
Alfara de Carles
Ametlla de Mar, l
Ampolla, l
Perell贸, el

Baix Ebre

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