Benifallet - Ebro Lands

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Benifallet - Ebro Lands

Since ancient times, mountains and valleys Benifallet have known traces of man, with drops of over 900m with a particular morphology and colors Neolithic cave is the season of the Cave Culla. The group represents both pictorial and stylized human figures painted in black. In the cave were located Aumidiella fragments of decorated pottery has printed a magnificent glass bell. Also found flint lithic tools. There are two listed historic towns. The first date of s.VII BC with many Phoenician pottery and, second, the Iberian period, called the Red Rock Castellot, has a wall height of about 3m and 4m ltura wide. Romans, we have evidence for the existence of a necropolis and the remains of a villa and a press. It is likely that the current settlement period the people were Muslim, as indicated by the same name, Benifallet. It was after the conquest of Tortosa Ramon Berenguer IV, when they appear early writings with the name. The usual places inhabited by donation for the Count Berenguer Pinyol. The castle, only the name remains a part of the town. The last Civil War Benifallet suffered the proximity of the front during the Battle of the Ebro.

Caves: Benifallet adds to the charms of tourist coastal towns, where the majestic presence of the Ebro is already the existence of unique landscapes and feelings, new sensations. Visitors can discover, marvel, strength and beauty of nature, where water and stone, slowly, and with the sensitivity of a supreme artist, has created an "other" nature. In the Spring of 1968 when Caving Group Gracia (Barcelona), in a campaign that made the Serra de Cardo, found a series of caves. Studying and researching caves since ancient times was known as the Caves of Benifallet as Aumidiella, and which will consist arquol貌giques Neolithic finds, discovered the Cave "Marigot" Siphon and the advancement of the Cave " Wonders "will be added to the existing, forming what we know today as CAVES BENIFALLET. These, however, are important for the formation containing. Attractions:

The old, includes the high street, narrow, winding and steep, they were around a castle, now vanished, and retains many of its Moorish past carater铆stico. THE PARISH CHURCH

Dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, was built in 1635. Neoclassical style, was damaged during the war with the wooden altar baroque (eighteenth century) and later rebuilt. One of its Corinthian columns is utilized as a pedestal for a cross made at the entrance of the village.

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Benifallet - Ebro Lands

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