El Perell贸 - Ebro Lands

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El Perell贸 - Ebro Lands

Our term is 100.7 km2, with 4 km of coast where you can find anything from cliffs to pebble beaches not crowded as Santa Lucia and Alia Bridge and small coves like Cala Moors. Inside, great plains with several crops, dry stone walls and cattle trails that cross, forming a varied agricultural landscape mosaic.

We also have the protected area of the Sierra del Boix-Cardo in the shape of the top of Goat-Feixet, symbol of identity of our people, and their feet, the cave paintings of the same name that are part of the Mediterranean Basin, World Heritage Humanity. And wherever you go you will find natural pools where before they watered the flocks and today are unique ecosystems.

The Romans left their mark us with an extensive route of the Via Augusta and Roman fountain, now restored, called "the Cuitora". We also have the interesting medieval source of "Panavera".

We are a people known for their Vent de Dalt. We honor wind and therefore can visit a restored windmill centenary or wind farm facilities.

We have different areas of entertainment: from the Hermitage with its viewpoint where you can enjoy a superb view of the Delta or the profile of the coast to the inland recreational areas, such as the Source of Tita and Raft In Ferr脿. And just recently released the coastal area of the Point of Good with a viewpoint reminiscent of an old boat.

The events calendar is full throughout the year. Emphasize the festival in honor of San Antonio Abad, in January, or Firabril, the fair oil and honey, as we are the first people of Catalonia honey producer. You can also enjoy our carnival, San Cristobal in the Hermitage, from carpets to Corpus, the festival of the sea, of the September 11 National Day, not to mention the popular mile, and prizes culture, and of the concerts of each and every musical entities. And you will enjoy yourself if you slurry comes to visit our weekly Saturday market outdoor

With this short description, you can understand why Perello is the pleasure of the mountain by the sea. We invite you to visit us, both winter and summer. El Perello always find it alive. And I also invite you to follow us through social networks PERELLOACTIU name.

Text taken from the website www.elperelloturisme.com

El Perell贸 - Ebro Lands

COVID-19 Alert

Given the current situation, the excursions will be carried out with your private vehicle whenever possible, following the guide's vehicle. During the stops to make explanations it will be essential to use masks and keep a safe distance.
The organization will make available to its customers, hydroalcoholic gel and masks if they do not have their own.
Due to restrictions and mobility, activities may be canceled.


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