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Flix - Ebro Lands

Flix (pronounced [fl铆蕛]) is a town and municipality located in the north of the Ebro basin. His name could come from Latin Flexus (retomb), referring to the meanders of the river Ebro ago surrounding the town. The 4054 census population was divided into three entities that currently form a continuous population center.
Its origins date back to the Iberian villages Ilercavons-with-interesting archaeological finds in areas of Castellons and Sebes.
In the eighth century the Saracens were installed making major irrigation works and hydraulic and left their footprints in many local place names, names like Vingalis or Beremusses. The Saracen castle is mentioned as a fortress following the Christian conquest in 1154 by Ramon Berenguer IV instead awarded to Knight Genovese Bonifacio da Volta.
1398 Barcelona acquired the barony Flix to dominate and control traffic Ebro trade of wheat, from then until the eighteenth century the town became Calle Barcelona. This dependence and its strategic location, halfway of Lleida and Tortosa, made his castle, often, was besieged and burned, either during the Civil War of the fifteenth century, during the seventeenth century laGuerra Reapers or part of the troops of Philip V of the Succession.
In 1714, became part directly Flix Real Assets until 1835. During the Carlist Wars different people were clearly supporting the Carlists. The Carlist leader Ramon Cabrera is ordered to build a new castle for the first of the Carlist, known as New Castle. Among the distinguished Carlin Flix known "cure Flix" Joseph Agramunt.
At the end of the nineteenth century was built electrochemistry Flix SA with capital and technical German, one of the first electrolysis of Europe, which has marked idosincr脿cia industrial town until today.
During the Civil War, the population suffered air raids that sought to destroy the chemical factory. On 23 February 1937 occurred in the first bombing, a total of 125 pumps with eight deaths. The municipality, which would suffer twenty strikes, they built a total of nine shelters. Bomb shelters made of it's own a factory in a colony and the five village. Later, during the Battle of the Ebro another made it to the boat above, just below the New Castle, linked to the construction of the iron bridge, because pontoners could take refuge during which there was constant shelling this in the course of the battle. There are reports of the existence of another shelter the floors during the republic were built over the mill Oriol people also used to shelter a small warehouse of material "Colorato "also can use the railway tunnel. The street of San Jose has two entries in public land and it is in good condition, has a section about 60 meters and is covered with concrete. They found a writing which refers to the bombing of February 23, this is what has musealized shelter. They were the elderly, women and children of the village, with the help of technical and Riegos Saltos del Ebro, who took their construction and maintenance. During the Battle of the Ebro people remained in the front line and was practically abandoned because people went to take refuge in houses and caves of the term.
In 1948 was inaugurated the jump hydroelectric Flix, which consists of a 50 MW power plant fueled by the flow of the river Ebro from the Flix dam of 11 HM3 capacity.
In September 2005 he became known the existence of a degraded area with accumulation of polluting waste from the chemical complex Ercros on the Flix reservoir. This favored an ambitious plan to extract and treat them currently being carried out.

Text taken from the website http://ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flix

Flix - Ebro Lands

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