Freginals - Ebro Lands

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Freginals - Ebro Lands


Freginals name comes from the Latin plural form "farraginale" which means "field of iron": means an area of 鈥嬧媐orages and pastures. This word had been trained in Romance language.

Coll Freginals is a passageway that connects the banks of the Ebro delta lands and the area of 鈥嬧媡he basin and steps inside the Ports massif. The area was frequented by hunters during the first Prehistory and gatherer Paleolithic and later by farmers, of which there is evidence of settlements and cemeteries. All this is present in the cave paintings, located in the Game of Masets and books. Pictorial representations are scattered in small caves and caverns of the Sierra Mercy, are part of the Levantine paintings of Catalonia. They are small figures moving that reflect some activity characteristic of that apoco.

The Coat of Masets is the figure of an archer in the act of running: Shelter and the books themselves represent two overlapping scenes, there is only a seven goats and deer herd.

This group of pictures was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Freginals belonged to the nineteenth century Ulldecona. As a name, it is documented, in 1222, the charter of Ulldecona. Mentioned the neck of one of Freginals Ulldecona term limits. In 1274, the site had already been a small village, because this year the hospital commander Ulldecona granted the inhabitants a pasture for grazing cattle. The population seems to be unsuccessful, since 1283, the hospital commander Amposta, William de Claramunt, granted to the inhabitants of the town charter site.

During the seventeenth century, suffered several raids by pirates and robbers, who even came to burn the doors and roof of the church.

In 1707, during the War of Succession, the Bourbon troops burned the town and others in the vicinity, who had remained loyal to the king Archduke Charles III.

After a long dispute with Ulldecona Freginals achieved separation and constitutes an independent municipality. This was confirmed independently by R.O. 9 February 1843. Writing segregation takes place on November 18, 1844 in the Chapel of the Pieta, signing the document entitled "Emancipation of the Escritura Freginals Lugar, the town of Ulldecona its matrix."

During the 40 years of the twentieth century, they built the road that connects Amposta Freginals. 1960 comes into school Miralles and Joan Martin. In 1982 the population provides running water and sewers.

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Freginals - Ebro Lands

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