Godall - Ebro Lands

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Godall - Ebro Lands

Historical origin

Godall existed at the time of the Saracen domination, as the name is documented before the final conquest of the site in the mid-twelfth century.

Indeed, the 1097 Ramon Berenguer III donated for the monastery of Sant Cugat, when performed for the conquest of Tortosa, the strength of Rapita the towns and farms of its jurisdiction, including s 'coda mentions in the mountains and close Ulldecona, which, together with the similarity of the name, suggests the identification of this town with the coda Godall population.

However, Ramon Berenguer IV, conqueror of the region, 11 December 1153 donated to the Villa apellatur Godal, with all terms to Copons Wilhelm, who had been appointed mayor following the conquest of Tortosa.

Over half a century after the contribution of William Copons the lordship of Godall was shared by the grandchildren of the character along with other riders, Ramon and Pedro Centelles Godall, which in 1228 held an agreement to partition out the site and Godall.

In 1238, Mary, wife of Ramon Centelles Vallmesquida established the Peter and Arnau de Solans, granting them exemptions and it reserves the manor.

Bayerri cites a 1297 document of the city of Tortosa granted to residents Godall use the franchises and liberties of the city and the bridge passage of Tortosa.

The attraction to the inhabitants of Godall under the lordship of Centelles offered the new and upcoming royal town of Galera caused a migration towards this, to evade that loyalty.

Ramon Centelles, Mr. Godall, shook filled with the royal court and this was one of the casting together of 1303, he was confirmed in the allegiance of the inhabitants Godall owed to his lord.

The town council Godall accepted this ruling and, in return, were ratified in godallencs the franchises and immunities contained in the Customs of Tortosa.

Godall was in 1594 rebelled against taxes Tortosa, but the Court of Catalonia is in favor of the city.

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Godall - Ebro Lands

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