L'Aldea - Ebro Lands

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L'Aldea - Ebro Lands

L鈥橝ldea is an ideal place to enjoy a unique landscape on the one hand we have the area dry for exploring the flora and Mediterranean crops, the other is for the delta area, where the only point of reference is the horizon. This landscape can be crossed on foot, calm, or cycling, or even use the horse as a means of transport. Still can enjoy for the more adventurous, a bird's eye view if you take advantage of the services Airfield Lower Ebro.
A very interesting route is the Torres can be done by bicycle or on horseback. The town also has interesting places to visit such as rice mills where one can follow the whole process of rice, Hermitage and climb the tower, visit a traditional oil mill ...

The oldest findings correspond to l鈥橝ldea cemetery in the last stage of the Neolithic house located in La Palma, which demonstrate the existence of tribes installed on that river terrace.
Aside from the tower of the church, a symbol of our town, there is l鈥橝ldea of Candle Tower, located south of town, straight to the chapel, and at half the of Burjas猫nia, not forgetting the ruins of the Tower of Vinaixarop, located north of the town, in an area of dry land, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Delta.
L鈥橝ldea, as people have lived a very recent development, and always linked to Tortosa, which belonged to 21 April 1983, when he managed the municipal independence.
text extracted from the web laldea.org

L'Aldea - Ebro LandsL'Aldea - Ebro Lands

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The organization will make available to its customers, hydroalcoholic gel and masks if they do not have their own.
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