La Sénia - Ebro Lands

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La Sénia - Ebro Lands

History of the Senia


On 17 April 1232 the Town Charter was signed by the Senia. The following year, specifically on September 13, Pedro Moncada was granted feudal village of La Senia to William of Tortosa Moragues because repopulate. On 25 January 1336, William gave charter to 21 neighbors and thus the town of La Senia was established within the jurisdiction of the castle Ulldecona (this was under the command of the Order of the Hospital). This overlap between domains Hospitallers Castle Ulldecona and Moragues caused chronic conflicts over boundaries and responsibilities regarding the use of the river and Senia jurisdiction for more than 200 years. In the Catalan Civil War (1462), La Senia was active against John II and the population was twice besieged by the royal troops. In June 1466, surrendered. The capitulation, however, was honorable, as they get the king's promise that they would respect the freedoms and privileges old, and that would be the final separation of the order of Ulldecona; later, however, the year 1536, the Senia was incorporated in order Mirambel.


Almost a century later, began Revolt, where people Senienca contributed to the costs of fighting, although it depended on the great Priorat in Catalonia, but the Fortress of Amposta. Later, in 1716, the town lost many privileges and freedoms in many of the implant Decree of Nueva Planta Philip

In the War of Independence (1808 - 1814), La Senia provided strong contributions and, when it was conquered (along with the rest of Montsiá and Tarragona), remained included in the French department of Bouches de l'Ebre . During this period the town became important for its shipbuilding industry. Expelled the French in this region, was released democracy enacted by the 1812 Constitution.


In 1833, in Spain divided into provinces corresponded to the Senia belong to Tarragona. Three years later he began to happen Carlist Wars, these had a very direct impact on the Senia. Employment in general did Cabrera led the constant siege of the town by the Elizabethan troops, until the 1840 General O'Donnell defeated Cabrera, which is considered the end of the War Carline. In these wars, the strategic importance of the place is smaller and the population played a secondary role. The later years are time bandits.

Marcelino Domingo

At the beginning of the next century, he founded the band harmonic Senia (1904) and was installed electricity in the population (1907). In 1932, the Minister of Public Instruction of the Spanish Republic, Marcelino Domingo, opened the school group of dips. During these years, the ranks of the Labor Center came the nomination who won the elections. From its creation until its closure (1938) this center was distinguished by his work political, social and cultural.

 In 1937, for military purposes, was constructed airfield at the start of the Plans. At first he was piloting aviators Republicans and then the Condor Legion. Franco's troops entered the Senia April 1938. During the postwar period was noted in the population activity maquis, who were refugees ports.

Data taken from the work on the historical facts of the Senia prepared by JM Cañigueral Isern and F. Xavier Coal Cañigueral

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La Sénia - Ebro Lands

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