La Torre de l'Espanyol

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La Torre de l'Espanyol

As its name suggests, the origin of the population probably comes from the existence of a tower defense and route linking Tortosa and Lleida, crossing the Ebro to the Asco. This tower probably existed already during the Roman era. In this era have been found recent finds of coins.

The tower was maintained during the Arab occupation, when the whole was under the command of the Moorish leader who inhabited the castle Asco, which was also representative of the faction, Mr. Castle Siurana. To know further documents that belonged to a Moor named Albo莽alaz.

Although there is no concrete news about the conquest of this site, you know that Asco and its surroundings were recovered by Ermengol Urgell, circa 1149. In 1175, Alfonso I donated the tower Albo莽alaz. Hence the name came from the Spanish Tower.

Years later, in 1182, the same Alfons gave the castle and town of Asco terms, among whom was the Tower of the Spanish, the Knights Templar. In 1312, with the suppression of the Templars, its assets passed to the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem. Ancient Order of Asco then joined the Castellani Amposta. In the early sixteenth century, in 1517, the commander of Asco granted privileges and Chapters Local residents and residents of the Tower of the Spanish.

During the Revolt, the Hospitallers supported the Government of Catalonia, and economic consequences resulting from this battle were disastrous for the population.

About the War of Succession, there is no news of the incident was the Order of Asco, but after the war, the town remained attached to Corregiment territory of Tarragona.

Now in the s. Century, the confiscation of Mendizabal, 1835, terminates the domain hitherto practiced for centuries and the Order of the Hospital of the Tower of the Spanish.

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La Torre de l'Espanyol

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