Mas de Barberans - Ebro Lands

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Mas de Barberans - Ebro Lands

the municipality
municipiSituat in the foothills of the Ports is an excellent viewpoint of the plain. The dominant activity is the production of oil.

Until the 70s of last century, this activity was complemented with grazing and production of tools made 鈥嬧媝auma (palm) that were exchanged or sold to neighboring villages in the region.

Now recovering this activity by creating new respecting the traditional model.

pedraMas of Barberans has its origin in the name Favarium, of Moorish origin, appeared in a document from the mid twelfth century.

The area designated by this name was placed in two settlements: The Carrascal (with the town charter in 1252) and the Vilar de Santa Maria in 1235. It seems clear relationship between name-Mas present Barberans-dealers with a letter of 1235, Barbara Tower.

Tourism and the
Our town is strategically located near the sea and climbed the mountain. This gives it a very favorable advantages: good weather periods of intense heat, good food both fish and meat, instant access to mountain trails and good proximity to the beach.

The village is equipped with farmhouses, rural tourism, an inn, two highly rated restaurants and several shops to spend a few pleasant days and comfortable. There are also a couple of horse, a panoramic viewpoint and marked trails.

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Mas de Barberans - Ebro Lands

COVID-19 Alert

Given the current situation, the excursions will be carried out with your private vehicle whenever possible, following the guide's vehicle. During the stops to make explanations it will be essential to use masks and keep a safe distance.
The organization will make available to its customers, hydroalcoholic gel and masks if they do not have their own.
Due to restrictions and mobility, activities may be canceled.

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