Riba-roja d'Ebre

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Riba-roja d'Ebre

When we talk about the History of Riba-Roja will be sent to the prehistoric period and refer to several Neolithic sites located within the municipality. Also other archaeological remains tell us about the presence of the Iberians in the area of the present church of Santa Madrona, where in 2004 there was a necropolis located preib猫rica. There is also evidence of the existence of an Iberian hill where the chapel.
The passage of the Romans against our people there are people on the other side of the river. Seem to correspond to a recently discovered Roman villa. The dimensions of this village suggest a remarkable dwelling, with fields with press wine and oil mill that served for the self-sufficiency of the inhabitants. At the entrance of the village coming along the road T-741 is the game called The Romanet clearly reminiscent of Roman. Possibly also that area, as shown also by some archaeological remains localized Salvador Vilaseca, there was another Roman villa.
Saracens came to the Iberian Peninsula in 711 and quickly expanded throughout the country. The ancient Hispania was occupied by these North African peoples who brought a new form of political organization, a new culture and a new religion. The area of the Ebro basin was occupied by the Moors until the twelfth century, though their stay in the land lasted until his expulsion in the sixteenth century. Of their presence in Riba-roja d'Ebre evidenced the existence of the very fabric of the castle and the old town. But the irrigated land in the river with their wheels allowing irrigate fields and now have the name of the Senio, one of the most important games of the floor of the population.
The eighteenth century opened with a major change in people's lives, as in the whole of the Principality as a result of the arrival of the Bourbons to the Spanish throne. The new dynasty suppressed the Catalan institutions imposed by the Spanish administrative system and forbade the use of the Catalan language in official records and in the administration. It also meant a change in the city administration. This, in addition to the mayor and councilors had to integrate a receiver, royal function that controlled all the actions of the mayor. These authorities also imposed, are documented in the various documents Riba-Roja, such as leasing bakery in the town in 1788.
It is also at this time when Catalonia root opening trade with America, which was given to the Principality significant economic expansion. This led to the construction of the church since the previous church had become too small. The consecration took place in 1793 but the facade is made under the Cross of Malta, the date of 1789. It seems there were problems to finish the work of the church since, in 1783, city officials asked the Hospitallers completion altarpiece and the bell, while the rest was finished.
The town's economy was based in the field, but also at work in the coal mines of the area. And the river was a key element for transporting raw materials and the fruits of the field. The lutes on the river, giving life to all people of the shore. Since the late nineteenth century some ribarrojans Flix factory work. But the economy changed dramatically with another item also worth noting: the construction of the hydroelectric plant. This work meant arrivals in Riba-Roja, a significant expansion in the economy and the development of new areas in the village. Came the neighborhoods of houses in Santo Domingo, the ENHER and the Santa Madrona. The hydroelectric plant came followed by the construction of the Nuclear Asco, which also brought new residents to the town.

Text taken from the website http://www.riba-roja.cat

Riba-roja d'Ebre

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