Ribera d' Ebre

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Ribera d' Ebre

The Ebro basin is a region in the south of the Principality of Catalonia. Stretches for 40 miles on either side of the river Ebro in Catalonia in your post. It comprises 14 municipalities grouped in 17 villages, covering an area of ​​825.29 km2, with a population of 23,867 inhabitants.

The county is included within the Mediterranean climate, where there are three main subtypes: Mediterranean tendency continental Mediterranean Sea subàrid lowland and lower mountain Mediterranean sea. The temperature in the summer is a monthly average of over 25 degrees in July and August. Looking at the whole year, values ​​s'atemperen thermometer with an average of 15 degrees.

The people here have been born as a result of water have increased, climbing hills crowned by walls, invincible forts before. In the Ebro basin, because the river is everything: meeting place, while border and binding, communication channel for people, goods and cultures and always wanted to benchmark and inevitable, because everything revolves around .

Pobles de la comarca

Móra dEbre
Móra la Nova
Palma dEbre, la
Riba-roja dEbre
Torre de lEspanyol, la

Text taken from the website:

http://www.riberaebre.org/ and http://www.scalibur21.com/

Ribera d' Ebre

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Given the current situation, the excursions will be carried out with your private vehicle whenever possible, following the guide's vehicle. During the stops to make explanations it will be essential to use masks and keep a safe distance.
The organization will make available to its customers, hydroalcoholic gel and masks if they do not have their own.
Due to restrictions and mobility, activities may be canceled.


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