Sant Jaume d'Enveja - Ebro Lands

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Sant Jaume d'Enveja - Ebro Lands

St. James of Envy, envy a violent antiguamente the caller is in the region of unmunicipi Montsi谩.
the County of St. James of the Entity Envy incluye los Muntells decentralized municipal and part of the nuclear Ballad.
Municipalities with limited them Amposta, west, and north Deltebre. Los prinicipales geogr谩ficos accidents are the Ebro River in the north, and the Abanico del Ebro River Delta, where is located.
The history of St. James of Envy, despite the prior existence of ciertos asentamientos is relativamente modern populations that already establishing them as such until 60 years of the nineteenth century. Esto owes itself in part to proceso buena newly Training Delta, formed by centuries 煤ltimos UNIQUE them in the river sediment inputs. The asentamiento estaba primitive village located in the Salinas area, abandoned Finish the economic explotaci贸n las mismas in the mid nineteenth century.
The place name proviene the old envy a violent game, derived from the Arabic Ibn Baja, a number of propio person. [2]
The nacimiento del pueblo is configured precisamente, what up with the drenaje entonces eran unos wetlands, for its aprovechamiento area as Huerta and rice. Aun Today, the pueblo is articulating bone economic Surroundings agriculture, along with a potente tourist industry. This tourism in Expansion 煤ltimos them during ten years, is based on the attractive landscaping Ebro Delta (Delta Park), and particularmente the biodiversity of its flora and its fauna. This is complemented with quality tourism in the restaurant industry.
There is also a factor importante fue Development in the village, the farms in the Salinas area, until the mid nineteenth century. Santiago del municipio be part of Tortosa up their segregation in 1978. In 1990 the County, located in the hemidelta Right, lets adscribirse of the region of Bajo Ebro to scuba vecina Montsi脿.

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Sant Jaume d'Enveja - Ebro Lands

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