The Ebro Lands

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The Ebro Lands

The Ebro Lands are a tourist destination that has a stable and mild climate throughout the year. They are, without doubt, an ideal destination to discover and share with friends or family travel.

In the Ebro, find everything to seduce: its coastline, its rich heritage, culture and history, and landscapes of great natural beauty that lead to many outdoor activities, its Mediterranean cuisine, its wide range leisure, their areas of wine and rice tradition, but also the wide variety of festivals and parades.

The Ebro River has been, and possibly still is the backbone of these four regions, the most southerly of Catalonia, which are the Terra Alta, Ribera d'Ebre, Baix Ebre and Montsi膩. These regions are located between the Mediterranean Sea and the southern foothills of the Catalan pre-coastal mountain range. Moreover, the calm waters of the Ebro - the maximum discharge of the rivers of the Iberian Peninsula - model this territory and form meanders quietly lead him by the plain of the Delta to reach the sea.
The Ebro region is distinguished mainly by its natural, which is one of its main attractions. If you like nature, in the Terres de l'Ebre will find large and quiet beaches, unspoiled spaces of the Natural Park of the Ebro Delta and the mountains of the Parc Natural dels Ports. 35% of its territory is in fact a protected area, a paradise where nature lovers can enjoy peace in various activities such as climbing, hiking and bird watching. Or cycling in mountainous areas, the plains of the Delta, or the Via Verde through the Terra Alta and Baix Ebre about 49 km.

The coast has all the variants in the Mediterranean Sea. North stand coves, hidden by the cliffs, and to the south dominate the wide beaches of fine sand and shallow waters. The Nautical of Sant Carles de la Rapita will offer all kinds of sports and activities for the whole family from Alcanar to Ametlla de Mar.

The last stretch of the Ebro was notably the birthplace of several cultures. As a strategic point for trade - including the transport of goods from the sea to the interior of the peninsula - has captivated all kinds of civilizations: the Iberians, Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians who established some of its major cities. The approval of these cultures has left a legacy that can be found in popular traditions, monuments, language, but also in the character of the people here. You can choose to visit the prehistoric paintings declared a World Heritage Site or imposing fortifications built by Arabs and Templars. If you know you are excited about popular culture, a stroll through the fishing villages or the mountain villages help you understand the nature of people and discover this territory declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO on 28 May 2013.

The rich cultural, historical and festive territory is expressed to the fullest in the friendly and welcoming nature of its people and in its cuisine, which is a mosaic of the best Mediterranean tradition that highlights the cultivation of rice in different populations of the territory but also the rich cuisine of the varieties of local seafood and the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and local products such as wine from DO Terra Alta, olive oil and honey, many of whom enjoy certificates that guarantee their quality.

Today you can witness various tourist festivals declared that bring us to the past, as the Festa del Renaixement of Tortosa, the traditional representation of the Passion of Ulldecona or the festival of Sant Antoni Asco Township, declared cultural festival national interest.
All this natural and cultural heritage enriches the visit to the Terres de l'Ebre and allows tourists to discover the details that are hidden in the mosaic that draw the four southernmost counties of Catalonia.

The Ebro LandsThe Ebro LandsThe Ebro LandsThe Ebro LandsThe Ebro Lands

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