Tivenys - Ebro Lands

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Tivenys - Ebro Lands

The municipality Tivenys, with an area 52.96 km2 and 13 m. altitude, right on the river, extending from the left bank of the Ebro, to the north of the Baix Ebre, in the mountains of Cardo and the river. It limits the north with Benifallet, which will make boundary ridges framing the valley Card贸 and south B铆tem (Tortosa), which separates the ravine Buinaca, extends east to the space that river to the mountains Boix, behind which is the end of Perello, while in the west separates the Ebro Xerta and Aldover.

The landscape has three levels Tivenys well defined. In the upper part of limestone, with a poor vegetation Kermes, palm, scrub and scrub and pines in some areas, comes after the landing foot of the mountains and high plains cut by ravines formed by material dragged by the erosion of higher relief (taperots and conglomerates), which is cultivated upland vegetation, such as olive, almond and carob trees, and finally a third level, separated by embankments formed by conglomerates, which is constituted by the lands along the river terraces and alluvium, which is the area occupied by irrigated orchards. The latter level is truly productive, where they are most abundant peach and orange plantations.

The village head is Tivenys town and the only village clustered. Tortosa and communicates with the terms of the upstream road to Benifallet Rasquera and Mora de Ebro. Road and follow the detours of the river channel in the middle of orchards and orange groves and overlap almost approaching the point where the river embankments, drowning the terrace. After the village leadership Benifallet ranges are closed on the Ebro, the terrace and the road disappears almost begins to rise, to overcome neck Som.

The term is shaped like a large circus closed and crowned by peaks of mountains Cards (tip of the needle, 687 m, the Picossa, 766 m, and the Holy Cross, 746 m) and the range of box (the Rock Cavern, 756 m) and Buinaca (746 m). All canyons that descend the mountain ravine Sources Roldor or the the Buinaca and its tributaries (the ravines and Vallpalmera shells, etc.). Converge towards the Ebro towards the place where is the town.

Sleep is the great book out of the hydraulic. For the composition of subsurface water is very easily because there are a lot of underground water veins, which has facilitated the traditional irrigation.

Text taken from the website http://www.poblescatalunya.com/Tivenys-834.htm

Tivenys - Ebro Lands

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