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The site Vinebre as the other neighborhoods, was conquered by Ramon Berenguer IV, probably in 1149, given to the Templars suffered heavily Entenza struggle between the Templars and to the extent that the first, under the command of William Entenza, at the end of September 1284 completely destroyed the old town. After this date, the commander of Asco Vinebre rebuilt on a site closest to the river and most suitable for defense. The new town was called Vilanova Vinebre. In 1291 he had to undergo a new onslaught Entenza, who took away a lot of cattle. With the extinction of the Templar order, became the rule of the Hospitallers, which won independence ecclesiastical and administrative duties in the seventeenth century.

The Moorish Vinebre (13 fires in 1610) is not generally suffered expulsion decreed that year.

The town suffered heavily the consequences of the civil war, due to its proximity to the front during bartalla the Ebro. The town was completely evacuated for nine months from April 1938 to January 1939.

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