Boat Trip on the river Ebro. Deltebre-Estuary

DurationAdult PricePrice Child
60 minuts aprox.12.50 € 8.00 €
Boat Trip on the river Ebro. Deltebre-Estuary

The boat cruise on the Ebro is one of the oldest and most requested activities in the Ebro Delta.
We started many years ago with the ferry to connect Deltebre with Sant Jaume d'Enveja and thus provide service to countless people and vehicles that used it to go from one bank of the river Ebro to another.
Later we acquired a boat to make the route from Deltebre to the mouth of the river Ebro and thus to make known our territory and culture.
We currently offer you three approved boats with a total capacity for more than 200 people to enjoy a different experience in each of them.

Boat Trip on the river Ebro. Deltebre-EstuaryBoat Trip on the river Ebro. Deltebre-Estuary

COVID-19 Alert

Given the current situation, the excursions will be carried out with your private vehicle whenever possible, following the guide's vehicle. During the stops to make explanations it will be essential to use masks and keep a safe distance.
The organization will make available to its customers, hydroalcoholic gel and masks if they do not have their own.
Due to restrictions and mobility, activities may be canceled.

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